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About me


My name is Julie Campbell, and I'm a freelance illustrator and comic artist based in Fife, Scotland. The main focus of my work is in illustration - where I enjoy creating creatures, characters and stories. This love of stories and art naturally spill over into comics, and I create work based on a mix of different themes, from nature to fantasy and stories for children. I also love embroidery, and some of my drawings find a more suitable final home on cloth.


Though I can be influenced by many things, I take greatest inspiration from animals - both real and imaginary - and nature in general.


Have a look around my site and feel free to get in touch. You can also follow me on the following social media sites.


Facebook - Information on my latest projects, new products and upcoming events


Instagram - Behind the scenes look at current work and influences







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'Big tree' mini-comic


This mini-comic is about my love of woodlands, and the species that live there. Oh and it might reveal just how much of a nature nerd I am!


10 colour pages (including cover)


Available to buy in my Etsy store now! (see SHOP section for link)

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'Beneath The Law'


Single issue comic about the sea, a hill, and the unlikely friendship between a ghost whale and a piebald jackdaw


24 colour pages (including cover)


Available from my Etsy store now! (see SHOP section for link)

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'The White Lamp' Issue 1


This comic is issue 1 in a short mini-series about a girl moving to a new small town and struggling to settle in - while learning about the local history and wildlife around her.

This comic is aimed at the 8 - 12 age group, but is suitable for all.


Available from my Etsy store now! (see SHOP section for link)

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My first long-form comic intended for the web and print, this comic is an all-ages fantasy romp for a girl who doesn't know who she is, what she wants, or where she belongs.


Coming soon, watch this space!

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Other long-form comics


Sometimes I work on personal comic projects not intended for printing. It's fun to follow new ideas and see where they lead, or even indulge in a little fan-art now and then!


Here you can see a page from a Fallout 4 fan comic I work on in my spare time (just for fun), and a page of my short comic on The Age of Fishes.

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Short-form comics and one-shots


I often create little comics that draw on my everyday life experience, in the hope that they will ring true with someone else. You can usually find these on my Instagram.

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You can buy my products at a number of outlets, as well as direct from me at fairs and cons.



Buy prints and comics from me in my Etsy shop



You can find some of my designs and illustrations on clothes and homewares on my Redbubble page


Contact me




"I commissioned Julie to provide a cover and interior illustrations for my children's book, The Supervillain Next Door, and couldn't be happier with the results. I was kept updated on every stage of the design process, including sketches and potential layouts, and the finished pieces captured the characters perfectly. The illustrations have been well received by readers and feedback on the eye-catching cover has been excellent”.

Gary Smith, Fife Children’s Author. 2019


“Julie is a talented and professional artist who I would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for illustration or design work. Julie created a logo for me and was able to translate my relatively vague ideas into a unique and beautiful design. The process was straightforward and we worked together to select final designs from the initial sketches. The hardest part was narrowing it down to one design and in the end,  I commissioned two!”

David Latto, Musician/Producer. 2019


“We recently approached Julie with a request for a local landscape illustration, to serve as the ‘other side’ of a keepable information leaflet for a Zero Waste Starter Kit we’ve been working on. We were already familiar with Julie’s signature single-colour landscapes, and wanted something in that style, but monochrome so that it could be printed onto recycled brown card. The end result exceeded our expectations. Julie interpreted the brief with great care and attention to detail, while also bringing her own unique creative twist, which elevated the project from just a landscape to a piece which cleverly captured the ‘local/handmade’ spirit of the Starter Kit. We’re absolutely delighted with our print and wouldn’t hesitate to commission Julie again”.

Leaf Natural Food Wraps. 2019.

Hi! If you have any questions about my work or wish to commission me, please drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you!

 - Julie